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If your book club is interested in reading and discussing one of my novels, well, I'm glad to hear it!

If you would like me to visit and answer questions when your club discusses the story, even better!  Unfortunately I won't be able to go to every club meeting, but if you're in the Twin Cities there's a good chance I can make it.

Just drop me a line on the Contact page.

On this page you can also find some sample questions from previous book club discussions about Flintridge.

Have some to add?  Go to the Contact page and let me know!

1.  What are some of the things the author used to show that the sheriff, Alexander Judge, was a tenderfoot and seemed helpless?

2.  Thinking about the government and Alexander Judge's appointment as sheriff, why do you think they sent a greenhorn out to take care of the lawlessness?

3.  How would you describe the leader of the Hayes-Lawson gang, Cliff Hayes?

4.  What was your first impression of Derek Ward, the gentleman bandit, as an outlaw?

5.  Initially in regard to Derek and Byrne's conversation, why do you think they were making the deal with each other that Byrne would get rid of the sheriff?

6.  When Byrne was capturing the palomino mustang and the mares, did the capture seem real to you as a reader or was there something lacking?

7.  The author keeps bringing up something that is nagging Byrne; how did that foreshadowing affect you as a reader?

8.  Byrne and Ivey hadn't seen each other for 7 years and were married, what did you think of that?  Did it work for the story?

9.  When Byrne was out of Flintridge and the outlaws moved into town, the saloon keeper invited "ladies" to his establishment; did this seem like a plausible action for the story?

10.  When Byrne developed a plan to rid Flintridge of the outlaws and took Cody, Tyler, and Alexander with him on a so-called "mustang hunt", why do you think Jesse was so tenacious in following them?  Do you think Byrne should have let Jesse in on what was happening?

11.  Was the plan to get guns in Glenn Rock a wise decision?  Why or why not?

12.  When Ivey was kidnapped by Derek and taken into town, do you think Ivey was smart to fight with Derek or do you think she should have been more cooperative?

13.  How do you think Ivey felt in hearing about her husband's secret life?

14.  During the shootout scene what techniques did the author use to keep the reader involved in the intense fight with each group of characters?

15.  There seems to be a lot of conversation between the outlaws and the sheriff and Byrne.  Do you think this conversation is realistic and does it add to the story?

16.  Were you surprised by the scene in the doctor's office?  State what you thought was going to happen.

17.  Ivey suddenly changes her opinion of Derek; did you feel that was a good decision on her part?  Why or why not?

18.  Was it a wise decision not to go in search of Pistol Lawson after he escaped from jail and hanging?  Why or why not?

19.  What theme(s) do you think stand(s) out in this story?  Explain your thoughts.

20.  Byrne did not trust the gentleman robber, Derek.  Do you think he was being fair?  Was it a case of "the pot calling the kettle black"?

21.  Do you agree with how the author chose to end the book?  How else could it have ended?

22.  If a sequel were to be published, would you read it?  Would you recommend Flintridge to other readers?