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Outlaw Wolves of the Currumpaw

Published January 31, 2016

Animal lovers will get a kick out of reading the true story of how one very clever wolf confounded all hunters trying to destroy him.  Readers will come to admire Old Lobo as much as the man who spent months trying to capture him.  This touching true tale will speak to and resonate with conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Man vs. Wolf

The age-old blood feud comes to a head in New Mexico's Currumpaw Valley. It is the fall of 1893.

Lobo and his pack of cattle-killing wolves have been decimating the herds and threatening to bankrupt the ranchers. A bounty goes out: $1,000 to the man who can kill Lobo.

After many men try and fail to catch the cunning wolf, an experienced hunter by the name of Ernest Thompson Seton arrives to wage war against Lobo and his pack. Little did he suspect that the encounter would change his life.

Based on the true account set forth by Ernest Thompson Seton.

Fun Facts:

*This novel is based on Seton's own account, published in his book Wild Animals I Have Known.

*This novel was published on the 122nd anniversary of the conclusion of the struggle between Seton and Lobo.

*After his adventures with the Currumpaw wolves Seton went on to become one of the founding members of the

Boy Scouts of America.