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          The weather outside was ferocious. The wind blew hard and cold, rattling the windows and pelting balls of ice down upon an unsuspecting world. Cold drafts penetrated the smallest of openings, prying like fingers in an attempt to gain unhindered access to the occupant of the cabin.
          A lone traveler stumbled his way through the complete darkness, buffeted by the wind. His cloak was thrown free of his grip by a sudden gust and he reached frantically to pull the fabric back about him. Mockingly, the wind took advantage of his distraction and snatched his hat away, sucking it into the darkness. Cold tendrils twined through his long hair, freezing his skin on contact.
          Teeth chattering, the man managed to recapture his cloak and wrap it protectively around himself. Just ahead the light of a lantern glimmered, suggesting the presence of a dwelling. Daring to hope the light marked his destination, he bowed his bare head and plodded on.
          A flickering light danced off into the woods on his right. The man stopped, straightened, and watched the otherworldly glow in fascination. The ball of light seemed alive as it moved in a nonsensible pattern, waning and suddenly glowing bright as the sun. It was hypnotizing and peripherally the man felt the wind die away, the chill of the air transform to a comforting warmth. Somewhere in the back of his mind a voice whispered that he must move on, he must not succumb to this will-o'-the-wisp. His body felt numb. Acting of a volition other than his own, he took one slow step forward. Then another.
          "John!" The voice shattered his dream-like state and he stopped abruptly. The wind returned full-force, icy cold and biting into his skin. He shivered and turned in the direction of the voice.
          In the pool of light cast by the lantern stood his oldest and dearest friend. "Well get in here already, it's freezing out!"
          John hastened onward and joined his friend in the ring of light. The other looked at him closely. John's face was deathly pale. "You look like you've seen a ghost!"
          "Something like that," John replied self-consciously. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he followed his friend into the cabin and was enveloped in the warmth of a good fire and better company.

Author's Note

This little "drabble" was written in response to a drabble challenge with the theme "something warm."